Roland GO:KEYS ScratchX Extension

Adobe has announced that Adobe Flash Player will no longer be supported after December 31, 2020. As a result, availability and support for GO:KEYS ScratchX Extension will end at the same time.

Scratch is developed by the Lifelong Kindergarten Group at the MIT Media Lab. See



By using GO:KEYS ScratchX Extension, you can control the Roland GO:KEYS from ScratchX (*).
For example, you can program loop phrases (patterns) for the GO:KEYS, make a character move in time with the rhythm, or create interactive animation that moves in synchronization with your keyboard playing.
* ScratchX is a Scratch platform that lets you experience experimental extended functions (Extensions). For details, click here.

What You'll Need

Quick Start

  1. Update your GO:KEYS to the latest version (Ver.1.20 or higher).

  2. Install the latest version of Google Chrome on your computer.

  3. Install the latest version of Adobe Flash Player on your computer. As the version, select "FP** for Opera and Chromium-PPAPI."

  4. From Google Chrome, access the ScratchX site, and enable Adobe Flash.
    • In the left side of the address bar, click "i."
    • Click "Site Settings." The settings page opens.
    • In "Flash," select "Allow," and close the settings page.

  5. Use a micro-USB cable to connect the GO:KEYS to your computer.

  6. Power-on the GO:KEYS.

  7. From Google Chrome, access this link.

    You can also load the GO:KEYS ScratchX Extension by directly entering the following URL into the ScratchX site.

    The GO:KEYS ScratchX Extension is loaded, and the following screen appears.
    Depending on your system, it might take several tens of seconds for the extension to be loaded.

  8. Read the message, and then click "I understand, continue."

    When the circle in the [More Blocks] tab turns green, preparations are complete.

  9. If it does not turn green, reconnecting the micro-USB cable or restarting Google Chrome might help.


Here we explain the blocks that have been extended for the GO:KEYS.

Selects a loop mix set.

Plays a pattern of the selected part. You can specify the pattern number by specifying a value of 1--11.

Stops the pattern. You can also specify the part that will stop.

Specifies the key of the loop pattern.

Specifies a measure number, and insert a wait (number of measures).

A variable that indicates the measure number.

A variable that indicates the beat.

A variable that indicates the Tick (the length of a note or the detail of a position).
* TPQN (Ticks Per Quarter Note) is 24.

Receives keyboard input from the GO:KEYS.

Receives keyboard input of the specified note.

A variable that indicates a note in the scale. This varies in the range 1--12 depending on the note.

A variable that indicates the strength of a note. This varies in the range 0--100 depending on the strength of the note.

Sample Sources

Sample 1
Animation moves when you play the keyboard of the GO:KEYS.

Sample 2
Eight measures of a drum pattern are played. The pattern that is played changes at each measure.

Sample 3
Animation moves in synchronization with the beat of the drum pattern.

Sample 4
A song is created by programming. The bass and melody start playing mid-way through the song, and the key changes.

GO:KEYS ScratchX Extension (source code) uses a web technology called Web MIDI API. For details, click here.

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